Sunday, August 7, 2016

Whence the Republic?

Socialists understand that in order to control the economy, they must control the means of production: goods like clothing, vehicles, gasoline, toilet paper, and so on; food and beverages, along with their distribution; as well as electricity, natural gas, and other services. All of these economic resources must be grouped into a series of large corporations for two reasons: large corporations are easier to control than small independent businesses; and once control has been established large corporations become an extension of government policy through the regulation of labor, wages, prices, and consumption. The government can then control output and act as a monopolist - often at the expense of consumers who must suffer shortages and ever higher prices. Senior corporate managers become members of the elitist clique that runs the nation. It becomes politically easy and highly profitable to take from the public consumer and give to favored corporate insiders. The economy is run for the benefit of the insiders, and not for the benefit if the citizens.

Producer controlled economies eventually fail because they are non-responsive to consumer needs. Most consumers want the widest selection and the best possible quality, at the lowest possible price. But this concept appears to be alien to socialist thinking. Despite verbose claims to the contrary, most clique leaders just do not care and politicians almost never have the knowledge required to run any national economy (even if this were possible - which it is defiantly not). Greed and political power become fundamental drivers of behavior. Arrogance enables ignorance. Bureaucrats decide what is best for consumers, often based on ideological - rather than market based - factors. Individual rights are ignored unless they fit within the current identity based and media centric socialist perspective. Poverty is expected. Immoral behavior condoned. Hence, ideological blather enforced by police power becomes the norm of daily life until the whole system self-destructs because of starvation, inadequate housing, a crumbling infrastructure, rampant disease, and criminal behavior.

Examples: think Cuba and Venezuela.

Will our Republic enter a death spiral from which there is no rational recovery? Is defiant revolution inevitable? Is this the real reason people are purchasing so many guns? Will a new administration redirect our republic away from socialism?


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